Discussions Done Better

Structured. Analyzed. AI Enhanced.

Allelo transforms the classroom and stimulates thoughtful conversations, putting student discussions at the center of education. Allelo’s conversational analytics support educators in their efforts to evaluate student engagement, as individuals and a class.

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GSV World's Most Innovative Edtech Startups 2022 GSV Cup

Allelo recognized as one of world’s most innovative early stage edtech startups by the GSV Cup Elite 200!

Read more about how our company was recognized by “The World's Largest Pitch Competition for 'Pre-K to Gray' Edtech Startups”

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Easy-to-Build Assignments

Assignments are structured in three parts: A discussion, with optional pre- and post-discussion surveys. An educator can build an assignment with any combination of these three sections.

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Intelligent Text-Based Breakouts

Allelo facilitates synchronous, small-group, text-based discussion that improve students' discourse skills.

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Conversational Analytics

Allelo's conversational analytics support teachers in their efforts to evaluate student discussions, providing insights into their engagement, content, and language.

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Unique Benefits for Educators and Students

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Engagement Metrics at Your Fingertips

Measure and track each student's progress and engagement, from the beginning to the end of each semester/trimester. Allelo's AI-backed conversational analytics measure a student's ability to stay on topic, their receptiveness to others' points of view, and their levels of participation.

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Inspire all Students to Participate Equally

With Allelo's pacing-assist, students will be alerted when there is an imbalance in participation. An introvert might be encouraged to pick up their pace, while an extrovert might be prompted to make space for others.

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Builds Mastery of Online Communication

Help students practice and master the art of online communication, when there are no facial expressions or tone-of-voice to guide them. Build their discourse skills by putting student discussions at the center of learning, education, and engagement, maximizing each student's unique voice.

An Ecosystem for Amazing Discussion Experiences

Start Using Allelo in your classroom or across your entire school in minutes

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Assignment Portal

Research backed discussion assignments (free, premium, DIY)

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The Allelo Platform

AI-powered discussion experience & conversational analytics

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Classroom Connect

Connect multiple classrooms in real-time for diversified discussions

Why the Name Allelo?

Our name "ALLELO" is Greek in origin and specific to our mission. It refers to a mutual relationship with one another. An allelochemical for example, is a substance produced by one species that influences the behavior or growth of another species.

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“The platform teased out voices that don't always participate, and the interaction was thoughtful and inclusive; an easy way for me to add real-time interactivity at a small group level.”

— NY High School ELA Teacher

“Typing by text, no one got talked over. I felt more comfortable sharing over text than over video.”

— NJ 9th grader, Montclair, NJ

“Allelo let us have our own opinion and voice and to build off others’ ideas. And typing is so much easier than trying to talk over people on Zoom. I really like it!”

— Propel Charter School 10th Grader
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Discussions Done Better
Structured. Analyzed. AI Enhanced.
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